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Our Mission

MVS Financial is a non-profit, fully transparent organization that utilizes cutting edge cloud computing technology and unique software and mathematical modeling methodologies to evaluate emerging markets in the chemical, biochemical, and high-technology sectors. Our organization is composed of highly technical individuals with a passion for the industries that we evaluate. Our mission is to break down many of the knowledge barriers that exist in the modern world of finance and at the same time provide access to some of the most cryptic branches of emerging science and technology. The biotech industry is one with great potential, but is also highly complex and requires much more economic forethought than traditional financial analysis can provide. At MVS, we understand these additional factors far better than most fund managers, since we have practical experience in the industries that we evaluate. We concentrate on two specific arenas within this sector: 1.) established companies with stable profits and defined earnings and 2.) emerging companies, with flat or negative profits and primary technologies still in the development pipeline. When dealing with the latter, it is easy to become distracted by a company’s promises of novel chemicals and unproven therapies, when significant obstacles stand in the way of achieving profitability. Due to the long lead-times to prove out efficacy, high initial capital costs, and heavy regulations that are typical of the biotech industry, we approach the industry with caution. As a result, our first-hand experience and knowledge of the industry is perhaps our greatest asset when calculating the current and future value of companies within these sectors.

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