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Management Team

Evan Crouse – Managing Partner
Evan is currently studying finance as an MBA student at The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania. As a former chemical engineer, Evan has broad experience in several areas of the specialty chemical and biotechnological industries, including research, operations, product, and capital asset management. His knowledge of the chemical industry, coupled with his superior financial acumen, has proved to be a great asset in his ability to identify latent, high-revenue generating companies and emerging markets in the biotech sector. In addition to providing market research and developing software, Evan also brings much of the creative theory and unique mathematical modeling methodologies to MVS and serves as the organization's principle fund manager. Evan's approach to portfolio management and security selection focuses on value investing, specifically with respect to evaluating earnings multiples, product pipelines, cash flow figures, and other operational factors. Unlike several of the other financial engineers at MVS, Evan tends to use changes in momentum and market dynamics as entry and exit points as opposed to opportunities to exercise options.

Nate Crouse – Managing Partner
Nate earned his bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University and has spent a number of years consulting in the distributed computing sector. During his tenure with the Hopkins Consulting Agency, Nate developed business plans that described the commercial potential of emerging technologies developed by Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, local companies, and private entrepreneurs. Nate aided his clients in formulating and executing profitable business plans and provided guidance in achieving investment funding. He has worked as a consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton as well as a developer for other boutique software firms, where he developed and optimized Big Data analytics for the federal government using massively parallelized cloud infrastructures and machine learning algorithms. As an expert programmer and mathematical quant, Nate applies his programming and engineering skills to the financial sector in order to determine minute discrepancies between market price and fundamental value. Nate also serves as the Principal Technology Manager for MVS, where he works to maintain the active servers and databases, translate trading ideas to automated software solutions, and determine the viability of new project proposals.

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