Scientific Investment Solutions
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Specializing in the analysis of highly volatile and cerebral industries, MVS is the only financial entity that combines cutting-edge cloud computing technology with advanced data analytics and financial modeling methodologies.

Founded and operated by financial engineers, MVS Financial is a fully transparent organization that develops software, logic, and tools in order to provide investors with financial access to some of the most cryptic branches of emerging science and technology.

Since 2008, MVS has been engaged in the development of computational analytics and cloud computing software in order to more precisely quantify the intrinsic market value of publicly traded companies in established and emerging markets in the chemical and biotechnological sectors. Through the application of this technology, MVS Financial also provides unique insight into market timing by analyzing volatility and momentum, specific economic indicators, and web-based financial data.

Unlike many larger financial institutions, MVS manages a transparent, simulated fund composed primarily of securities in the chemical and high-technology sectors that puts MVS developed technologies and selection methodologies to the test. Similarly, much of the theory and logic that has been developed to aid in the portfolio selection process is also “open-source.” This unique aspect provides like-minded financial engineers visibility to some of the latest and most cutting-edge methods to quantify market psychology in order to determine the overall investing climate.

Highly sophisticated financial modeling to maximize returns and mitigate portfolio risk

A transparent fund that depicts historical performance and current portfolio composition

Cloud Computing to rapidly analyze and quantify market sentiment in real-time

The Merkhet Valuation System

Methods to quantify the intrinsic value of high-tech companies

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, this week's Featured Company

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